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Consultancy in Occupational Health in West Devon and Cornwall.

Based in Plymouth, providing services to corporate clients, individuals and the self-employed.

Tel: 01752 229116  
Email: email@drquinton.co.uk

Industries in which currently actively involved include the pharmaceutical industry, air transport (airlines and airports), passenger and LGV road transport, light engineering, civil engineering, automotive repair and luxury yacht manufacturer.

Examinations, assessments and reports are provided on a contractual basis to the Employment Service throughout Devon and Cornwall and on behalf of national occupational health providers.

Examination and reports, both routine and following injury or illness, to individual insurance companies and solicitors.

Examination of seafarers for fitness for duty (excluding ENG1 certification) and examination of applicants for personal track safety certification on behalf of the National Medical Examination Network (including drug and alcohol screening and the provision of appropriate follow-up facilities when required).

Examination of both private and commercial aircrew as an authorised medical examiner on behalf of the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the Joint Air Authorities.

Health and Safety Executive appointed doctor under the Diving at Work, Lead & Asbestos and Ionizing Radiation Regulations.